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works for Koga / Japan art museum

"Elementary Air", "River Stones", "The Inner Circle"

My CV to whom it may concern...

visual artist
Curriculum Vitae

Born on 11.08.1970 in Bucharest / Romania in a family of artists:
mother - Cela Neamtu ( tapestry), father – Costin Neamtu (painter)
In 1989 graduated “Nicolae Tonitza” High School.
Absolved in 1995 The Academy of Art Bucharest.
From 2000 lecturer assistant, from 2005 lecturer in The National University of Arts Bucharest.

Member of the Romanian Artist’s Union / member of the managing board of painter’s department.
Organises exhibitions and art events.
Post-graduate studies in The Anthropology of art with Ph.d Professor G. Geana
Married with Tatiana (IT experience) / 2 children : Ana (11), Malin(8)

International experience:
1990 "Youth Training Program" at Scuola di Arte Artigianato e Restauro Rome / Italy,
professional training in mural arts and restauration (Prof. Prosciutti, Prof. Farinelli).
1991 participation to "Stage di formazione profesionale" –Rome (Prof. Pepoli, Prof. Quintini)
1991 Documentation in Italy : Pompei,Cerveteri, Florence, Ravenna, Rome
1994 Tempus Programme in Aachen – Germany ( Prof. Ijewski)
1998 EU Workshop in Austria, Viena / Mauerbach, (Bundesdenkmalamt center).
1999 EU Workshop at San Marco basilica, Venice, Italy, in the EU programme
“Europe, a Common Heritage”.

Articles about art, esthetics, exhibitions, philosophy of art, artists.

Works in collections in: Romania, USA, France, Germany, China, Italy, Germany, Japan, Holland, Israel, China

Mural works/Monumental art/Art in context (mosaics, frescoes, sgraffito, acrylic)

Artistic activity:
Teatrul Foarte Mic 1990 –group exhibition / National Youth exhibition – National Theatre 1990 / "16-22" exhibition organised by the Academy of Art, “Eforie” Gallery 1991 / "The Book"- the Museum of Art Collections 1991 / National Decorative and Graphic Exhibition, National Theatre 1991 / Republican Exhibition - National Theatre 1992 / Inaugural Exhibition of Academy of Art – 1992 / Municipal exhibition - National Theatre 1993 / National Youth Ehibition - National Theatre 1993 / International UNESCO Symposion – Dalles Hall 1993 / first Tapestry Triennal –Palace of the Parlament 1994 / The IV-th. International Biennal of Saint-Quentin (France) 1994 / Environment –Mogosoaia Palace 1994 / Municipal Exhibition, National Theatre 1995 / "Moldavian Exhibition”- Art Museum of Bacau & Chisinau, 1995 / "TRIADA" exhibition at Ion lrimescu Museum in Fălticeni / Suceava 1995/ "TRIADA" exhibition at The Art Museum of Botosani 1995/ Exhibition in National Theatre 1995 / The Vll th. Biennal of textile Miniatures, "Apollo" Gallery, 1995 / "Moldavian Exhibition”- Art Museum of Bacau & Chisinau, 1996 / Municipal Exhibition, - National Theatre 1996 / "Atelier 35" Eforie Gallery, personal exhibition, 1996 / "Gh. Petrascu" Biennal - Targoviste 1996 / "Memory" group exhibition “Apollo” Gallery 1996 / National Graphic Exhibition, National Theatre 1996 / A Retrospective Exhibition of Arts Highschool, the Museum of Art Collections 1996 / "Space/Vision exhibition 1996 World Trade Plaza Bucharest / Pastel Exhibition – National Military Assembly 1997 / "Moldavian Exhibition”- 1997/ "The Draw" “Apollo” Gallery 1997/ personal exhibition at Mogoşoaia "Cuhnia" Gallery 1997/ "Family Portrait" exhibition National Military Assembly 1997 / "Space & Material" exhibition at Visual Arts Museum Galati,1998 / Romanian Group Exhibition in Venice, Italy 1998 / Pastel exhibition at National Military Assembly 1999 / personal exhibition at "Orizont" Gallery, Bucharest, february 2000 / “Triada” exhibition at “U” Gallery, 2001 / National Art Ehibition, Bucharest Fair / Art fair at World Trade Center Bucharest 2002 / “Visions 2002” World Trade Center Bucharest / personal exhibition at Petrocosil company Bucharest, 2002 / International Fair of Visual Arts 5-th Edition, 2003 / personal exhibition at Millenium HVB Bank 2003 Romania / 2003 Contemporis-Mariott Art Gallery, Bucharest / “Geres” Business Center 2004 / “Point” Gallery group exhibition 2004 / personal exhibition “LISANDRU / desemne”, “Orizont” Gallery, 2004 / “In memoriam Gh. Anghel”, Romanian Athenee 2004 / “13” exhibition, “Galateea” gallery 2004, / “Selfportraits” HT003, / “Real/Virtual Worlds”, The Townhall of Bucharest, 2005 / “(11) Options” group exhibition, “Caminul artei” Gallery, “Firul rosu” Group exhibition, Orizont gallery, Bucharest 2005 / “Habitation/in-habitation” group ehibition, Artis Hall Bucharest 2005 / International Biennal of Beijing 2005, / “My Dream K” group exhibition Seoul, International Biennal of Experimental Engraving,Timisoara 2005, romanian Exhibition in Hannoi/Vietnam 2006, Romanian Group Ehibition at the University of Toulouse.


1995 The highest Award of the Ministery of Culture for the painting “The Chair” participating in the "Moldavian Exhibition”- Art Museum of Bacau & Chisinau
1996 Prize for a work in the “Gheorghe Petrascu” Biennal of Painting in Targoviste/ Romania
1999 Awarded with "Nicolae Tonitza” distinction in the painting exhibition in Barlad/Romania

2005 The UAP/R (Romanian Artists Union)
Prize for LISANDRU/desemne” personal exhibition in 2004

2005 Award of the International Biennal of Experimental Engraving, Timisoara, Romania

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